PhD exploring novel methods of gamification in landscape perception and preference research. Besides being psyched about space im also mad about mapping, devious with drones and wild about windsurfing!

MVP and Quests

TL;DR It has been a while since my last update. This is mostly due to a design pattern overhaul and working on bigger systems of the game. In this sprint I have been working on: Introducing the Model-View-Presenter (MVP) pattern Reiterating on the spatial features and landcover system Developing a modular global questing system Extra: quest […]

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UI and Spatial

TL;DR In this sprint I was focusing mainly on refactoring the UI system and starting work on the spatial systems. Specifically: Creating a graph-view tool to manage the UI Refactoring the graph-UI to use UnityAtoms instead Testing spatial assets: Unity Online Maps, GOMap and MapBox SDK Integrating H3 hierarchical hexagonal indexing system Extra: Clouds Unity

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Screens and Dialogues

TL;DR In this sprint I was focusing mainly on the UI system, the Dialogue system and the Internationalisation system. Specifically: Learning the Unity GraphView Refactoring the UI system Creating custom UIToolkit elements to support multilingual elements Creating a Dialogue System Creating a first character selection Unity UI GraphView Whilst looking into tutorials of Unity UI

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And so it begins…

tl;dr In this edition I will be talking about: Preamble: Welcome to this blog. Setting up infrastructure: Centre for eResearch and home office. Setting up websites: Created and migrated websites to global host. Setting up a basic UI system: UI System for screens built with UIToolkit. Setting up Google Firebase: Backend NoSQL event-driven database. Setting

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