UI and Spatial

TL;DR In this sprint I was focusing mainly on refactoring the UI system and starting work on the spatial systems. Specifically: Creating a graph-view tool to manage the UI Refactoring the graph-UI to use UnityAtoms instead Testing spatial assets: Unity Online Maps, GOMap and MapBox

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Screens and Dialogues

TL;DR In this sprint I was focusing mainly on the UI system, the Dialogue system and the Internationalisation system. Specifically: Learning the Unity GraphView Refactoring the UI system Creating custom UIToolkit elements to support multilingual elements Creating a Dialogue System Creating a first character selection

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And so it begins…

tl;dr In this edition I will be talking about: Preamble: Welcome to this blog. Setting up infrastructure: Centre for eResearch and home office. Setting up websites: Created and migrated websites to global host. Setting up a basic UI system: UI System for screens built with

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