Gamification meets active crowdsourcing

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We have received project funding from IMPETUS to pilot Arcane Shift with displaced youths in the Netherlands. The project revolves around the mapping of youths’ recreational areas and their perception of urban green areas.


Arcane Shift is more than an engaging location-based game!

Arcane Shift explores gamification and active crowdsourcing in spatial crowdsourcing and citizen science. Entertaining tasks are carefully integrated into the game as a seamless experience. As such, playing Arcane Shift helps researchers better understand how our world is experienced and perceived helping to make informed decisions!

In this unique experience, you will captain your interdimensional ship into the Arcane Shift and help explore this strange new world. You will be able to use your ship to collect and forge magic resources and hidden treasures, you will be able to build interactable buildings such as Starforges and you will have to fend off the interdimensional knowledge fiends…

Are you ready to rediscover your world in the name of science?!

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Discover a whole new world! Uncover hidden gems and find secret places. Explore the world like never before!


Use your resources to help build up this new world for your team. Remember, buildings need to be taken care of…


 Use powerful knowledge rays to defend your aquired knowledge from the relentless knowledge fiends!


Complete quests and missions anywhere on earth to help increase your team’s knowledge points and claim your rewards!


Find ressources and materials to build various structures, craft items. Keep a look out for rare arcane crystals!


Don’t forget to visit your areas regularly and ensure they have sufficient materials to prevent you loosing knowledge points!


My name is Manuel Baer and I research gamification and spatial crowdsourcing...

My work focuses on the intersection of gamification, geographic information science and (active) crowdsourcing. My passion is developing gameful experiences to make learning fun, to offer an alternative to yet another online survey and motivate people to participate in science. I have published various peer-reviewed articles and am always happy to discuss future collaborations.

I am an SNSF funded Post-Doc in the Gamification Group at Tampere University in Finland working on a location-based game called Arcane Shift to gamify spatial crowdsourcing and citizen science. Previously, I was at the Centre for eResearch at the University of Auckland exploring gamification in landscape perception and preference research.


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