Gamification meets active crowdsourcing

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Arcane Shift is more than an engaging location-based game!

Arcane Shift explores gamification and active crowdsourcing in landscape perception and preference research. Entertaining crowdsourcing tasks are carefully integrated into the game as a seamless experience. As such, playing Arcane Shift helps landscape researchers better understand how different landscapes are experienced and could influence future decisions!

In this unique experience, you can enjoy building and defending a magical world with your friends and discover hidden gems near you, all whilst contributing to science! Jump into the action now or read the detailed project description.



Discover a whole new world! Uncover hidden gems and find secret places. Explore the world like never before!


Use your resources to help build and defend a magical new world. Tend to a small village or build your own empire!


Capture and defend your territories against enemy forces and attack rival areas to expand your empire!


Soar high above the clouds in your spectral flight form or explore an area on foot in your humanoid form!


Find ressources and materials to build various structures, craft items. Keep a look out for rare arcane crystals!


Don’t forget to visit your areas regularly and ensure they have sufficient materials to prevent your empire from decaying!


My name is Manuel Baer and I research gamification and active crowdsourcing...

I have been working on gamification and (active) crowdsourcing in landscape perception and preference research for the past four years and have published various peer-reviewed articles. 

During my PhD, I was particularly interested in the potential of using location-based games to explore entertainment-driven spatial crowdsourcing. However, due to the global pandemic, outdoor crowdsourcing projects were put on halt. Now, funded by the SNSF, I am restarting my explorations by developing and implementing a location-based game and subsequently analysing the data. Feel free to have a look at my personal homepage


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